About Us

Luxury tiles is established by a group of talented individuals who are experts in exclusive trade involving expressive mosaics designs. It provides a perfect balance between price and product quality by offering an extensive range of product. Additionally, it offers extra benefits on the purchase of large quantities of tiles and provides its customers with favorable contacts of reputable manufacturer who can produce high quality luxurious specified designs. These designs are suitable for any living space whether kitchen or bathroom. It is possible to create a whole new outfit by changing the wall designs which gives a very rich look. The product offer by Luxurytiles.co.uk Ltd includes glass mosaic, shell mosaic, metal mosaic, self adhesive (stick on) and much more which are considered as newest residential trends and famous for renovations and home refurbishments. The specialty of Luxury Tiles U.K is its Selections of different glass mosaic tiles which gives a modern, trendy yet contemporary look and attracts the attention of customers by presenting a uniqueness to the atmosphere. A wide variety of color, shapes and sizes are available. Our products we offer are Limited Luxurious Tiles where nobody else has and offers. Tiles are made from the highest quality stones and materials all hand crafted selection.

Not Available Anywhere Else!

Lowest price in the market and product quality better then anybody else where we stand by it guaranteed.