About Us

Luxury Tiles is a U.K based Home Improvement company that offers interior designs solutions with an exquisite product range of Luxurious Tiles.
Our focus is to create a modern uniqueness for your living space. Our prices are unbeatable.
We offer all types of High End Tiles including Mosaic tiles, Glass, Metal, Self Adhesive DIY, Marble Tiles, Backsplash Border Tiles, Feature Panels, Floor Tiles, Vintage Ceramics.

Design Infrastructure sector we cover includes:

  • Domestic- any living space Bathrooms, Kitchen etc.
  • Public
  • Hotel
  • Corporate
  • Well – Being Spa
  • Indoor, Outdoor Pool


All of our products are German Made and Italian.


Not Available Anywhere Else!

Lowest price in the market and product quality better then anybody else where we stand by it guaranteed.