All You Need To Know About Luxury Tiles

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All You Need To Know About Luxury Tiles

Every project regardless of whether it is private or commercial require investment in terms of thought as well as cost so as to deliver something which is unique and special. The material which is used for any project is essential for achieving the required quality, so it is crucial to pick them carefully so as to give the project the innovation it truly desires.


Every project regardless of whether it is private or commercial require investment in terms of thought as well as cost so as to deliver something which is unique and special. The material which is used for any project is essential for achieving the required quality, so it is crucial to pick them carefully so as to give the project the innovation it truly desires.

And when it comes to tiling, the best way by which this can be achieved is through the use of luxury tiles in UK. Each and every aspect of a commercial building needs to be treated with equal importance. For instance, the use of the appropriate luxury tiles can transform an environment to an eye-catching spectacle immediately, but a wrong tile would render it uninspiring.

Currently there are several kinds of kitchen floor tiles and pattern which are available by luxury tile manufacturers in United Kingdom, these can be selected according to your desire, taste as well as the environment where you reside. According to home design experts, one of the major aspects which should be considered when choosing luxury tile in United Kingdom is to get one which will have ability to resist spills whenever children are at home. In addition to that, the luxury tiles should be comfortable to your feet and match the appropriate colours of your home. The buyers need to select a floor tile colour which will help to complement the kitchen and your home. There are some that would prefer choosing light and neutral tones so as to create an impression of light and space in the room.

Beauty & Durability

The aspect of beauty and durability likewise need to be given adequate consideration when selecting appropriate luxury tiles in United Kingdom. The materials which will be used for the tiling should be one which will help in showing the appliance you have in your kitchen, counters as well as cabinets. You should also choose luxury tiles which will meet your lifestyle as well as planned budget. Ensure you spend time before choosing a design for your luxury tiles at the manufacturer’s place; you can also seek advice from the experts on kitchen remodelling and professional contractors. Manufacturers likewise offer affordable and durable patterns of different designs.

For a keen cook, a luxury kitchen design is one of the most rewarding gifts which could be given to yourself and family. This is because the kitchen is the centre of attraction of the whole house and the use of luxury kitchen tiles will helps in achieving your dream.

Before starting the project, it is essential to consider the cost of using luxury tiles in United Kingdom; this is because kitchen project can easily get out of control. Regardless of whether you are renovating or rebuilding a room of several expenses which you did not consider when planning the renovation. While you cannot avoid most of these costs, there are ways by which you can minimize the cost; this is because it’s not a must to have a sleepless night due to the construction of a kitchen.

After assessing your kitchen needs, you can then decide on the most appropriate way to execute them by designing the new kitchen on paper. Kitchen can be of various shapes and sizes, from octagonal round house to galley kitchen. It is also crucial for you to note that the same cabinet, appliances as well as surface can look different in another home.

There are various kinds of materials which can be chosen to suit this purpose; they can also be customized further with special routing or insect bands of another colour or materials. If you have a short storage space, you can have a luxury tile to incorporate a built in chopping boards. The same is applicable for flooring, walls and furniture where luxury tiles can be used to achieve the desired result. This implies that a luxury kitchen design can still be achieved in a small kitchen.

In order to create a stylish and distinctive kitchen with the aid of luxury tiles, there is need for you to decide the focal point of the room. A large window, long wall or alcoves are all common options. This should be considered as an island if you have the space. A kitchen island is a better and attractive way to expand your work area. This island can allow you to add a second sink, dishwasher or oven which will be beautified with luxury tiles in United Kingdom. If you likewise have under floor wiring, gas lines as well as plumbing, the possibilities for an island are endless. This is because any appliance can be located in an island if the electric and plumbing are properly planned. A gourmet wine chiller, a wine rack, concealed bin or cabinet fridge are all options which can give the kitchen some space so as to attain a unique look.

In the property market, there is a continuous increase in the value of the house and most people are also moving with the change so that their house can have a good standard every time. Those that want to put their home for sale would also need to ensure it is in the best possible condition to attract buyers and compete with other homes in the same environment. The installation of a new modern kitchen may seem a bit drastic and expensive, but if your kitchen is old, the number of viewing that will be attracted to it will be limited and this will repel potential buyers. In a competitive market, luxury tiles could help so as to enhance the profile of your property and make it more desirable than that of others.

For people that have decided to improve their kitchen rather than move, the installation of a new kitchen is the ideal way to update the appearance of your home, this is no longer a room for cooking and cleaning, the kitchen is the heart of the home. This is why it is crucial to make use of luxury kitchen tiles to enhance the look of the kitchen.

So how can you design the perfect kitchen for your home with the aid of luxury kitchen tiles in United Kingdom? And what are the essential factors which you need to consider?

There is need for you to consider the space because the kitchen is a working environment and need to be functional and good looking. It is crucial to form a triangle between your fridge, oven and sink. These are your main working areas. This is because you do not want to be working across the kitchen whenever you forget to shut your fridge door. It is crucial to have a clear thought and plan carefully so as to prevent annoyance which cannot be rectified later.

Ensure you measure the floor accurately and draw the floor plan so as to get a good layout. The layout which will be chosen will depend on the available space. If you have a small kitchen, you may stick to the existing layout but if you aim to change the layout, you should consider the effect on the supply of services like water and gas, you can relocate these but it is quite expensive and will result to additional problems for your fitters.

Your budget will definitely have a great impact on the kind of luxury tile you choose but you may not want to spend much money if you want to sell your home. However, there are various kinds of luxury tiles in United Kingdom which are sold at affordable price and help to enhance the beauty of the home by providing a clean and stylish appearance without breaking the bank. Ensure you choose something neutral so as to appeal a wider range of buyers if your aim is to sell your property. You can also select paints and accessories to complement the colour of the tiles.

Luxury Bathroom Tiles

Luxury bathroom tiles are the latest trend in the bathroom design as well as renovations. With the aid of unique designs and digitally printed tiles, you can easily design a stunning, luxurious bathroom that will add value to your home and also create a beautiful space where you can reside along with your family.

Many people see the bathroom as a place where we take care of our personal hygiene as well as other things which are related to it. A bathroom is usually decorated in an utilitarian fashion and this makes it a place where you go in and stay as long as necessary. But what if your bathroom was designed in a more attractive way, making it a perfect place to relax and also recoup after a busy and stressful day. Luxury bathroom tiles can be used for the transformation of your utilitarian bathroom into a calm and peaceful environment.

Key point to consider with bathroom design

The remodelling or designing of a bathroom with luxury bathroom tiles is very exciting and you may have several ideas running through your mind regarding the style as well as atmosphere which you want to create. However, there are some things which you need to note whenever you are doing bathroom remodelling with luxury tiles.

1). Think about the bathroom and consider the things which you like and those that you don’t like about it. Ensure these points are listed so that you will be able to work with them.

2). You can then put together a paper which will include all the ideas which you want to include, this will include image, photos of the bathroom as well as the luxury design which you find attractive. You likewise need to note the colors, shades, patterns as well as motifs which you prefer along with any fittings such as shower heads, handles, faucets and door knobs, etc.

3). Before you decide on your bathroom design and the luxury tiles that will be used, it is better to make a full assessment about the available bathroom space, available light as well as any other special needs which you or your family may need, this may include tub handles or shower.

4). Ensure you plan for a space in your bathroom, this is because the bathroom are usually the smallest rooms in the house and this will make them more complicated in terms of decoration when compared to other rooms in the house. It is crucial to know the dimension of the bathroom and also understand how each space in your bathroom.

5). The colour chosen can set the mood or atmosphere in your bathroom; this is because some colors tend to be warm and excite, while other soothe and relax. You should consider the mood as well as atmosphere which you would like in your bathroom. Your imagination can only be limited by what you can create with luxury bathroom tiles.


Luxury tiles have a quite fantastic benefit, so here are some reasons why you should consider them for your next commercial project:

i.) You Get the Exact Size You Want: There are variations in the size of apartment and shapes, so the need to have different kinds of luxury tile is crucial. Although, there are off the shelf tiles but they won’t be perfect for your project and will require several modifications on the site. However, luxury tiles can be designed to be perfect and also ensure a seamless tiling project can be completed with less stress.

ii.) They Can Be Personalized: There are several projects that require a strong sense of a company brand to be running through a tile. With the aid of luxury tiles, it can be integrated into the design easily by the manufacturer so as to ensure the logo of the company fits perfectly with the design of the tiles and is printed perfectly as well.

iii.) Get the perfect spec: The differences which occur in commercial project usually guarantees that a unique problem will present themselves. When you select luxury tile, it will become very easy for you to specify your design to the tile manufacturer so that he can provide a tailored option which is different from off the shelf’s tiles. For instance, you may require a specific tile with anti-slip properties. The best option for any project is custom tiles but how can you source them?

The best way by which you can get a unique design for your luxury tile is to work directly with the manufacturer. When you deal with the tile manufacturer directly, you will be able to develop a strong relationship which will ensure your specific needs can be met within a short period of time.


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