Black & White Checkered Tiles

Our luxurious Checkered Tiles. A collection of black and white ceramic, porcelain tiles available in different sizes such as 800x800mm formats, ideal to use in a warming chequer board design, but equally stunning on their own. These smooth plain tiles can be used in a traditional black and white colours ideal for use in a checkerboard chess design. Our black and white tiles are suitable for floors and walls. Our Knighstbridge Black Diamond Gloss 80x80cm is our new line of floors tiles suitable in any living area. They have a Diamond Nano technology Polished Gloss to it!
Black and White Diamond Gloss Porcelain Tiles
Our Knightsbridge collection of premium high quality porcelain, full-bodied, diamond polished- gloss porcelain tiles, available in three colourways; a vibrant black and diamond white, and also a  black finish.
These tiles are highly hard wearing and suitable for all domestic and commercial areas such as high traffic areas, using the Black Tile and Diamond White Tile  polished to create a luxurious black and white piano check floor.
At Luxury Tiles U.K we have an exquisite selection of Porcelain Floor Tiles for your use, however if you like the polished diamond finish why not order now with our low price high quality boutique tiles. These black and white tiles can go by itself either all black or you can mix them together making it checkered tiles. Perfect for living room, hallways, lounges, waiting rooms etc. 
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